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Stay Informed of Dancing in Gainesville and Ocala

New Dancers

New dancers contact us at Gainesville Dance for information on what are the best dance classes for you to start with depending on your interests. Here are some beginning classes you can take.

Dance Classes Via Santa College Community Education

Throughout the year, you can take a variety of dance classes in a 4 or 6 week series designed for new dancers to introduce you to different dances. The dance series usually start in January, April, June, July, September and November.

These sessions are offered via Santa Fe College Community Education. To register call 352-395-5193 or visit www.sfcollege.edu/cied/communityed.

Argentine Tango

Learn the elegant Argentine tango as danced in Buenos Aires. While Argentine tango is among the most sophisticated of dances, this class is surprisingly easy, because tango is danced slowly, giving you enough time to think about what you are doing.

Contra Dancing

Learn how to contra dance, among the easiest and most sociable of dances. Contra dancing is one of the best ways to start social dancing, because you only need to follow directions, like circle left and circle right. All new dancers should try Contra dancing so you can experience the fun of dancing right away.

Hustle Dancing

Learn the Hustle! Among the most exhilirating dances. This is the dance that came out of the Disco era. You dance this to popular music with a strong, steady beat.

Israeli Folk Dancing

Dance to a higher purpose, enjoy great music, make new friends, get some exercise, experience Israeli culture and have a fun time. Israeli dancing is like line dancing and international folk dancing, and many Israeli dances are done in line dancing and international folk dancing. Most Israeli dances are done in a circle. There are both partner and group dances. I think Israeli partner and circle dances are among the most fun types of dancing, because the music is beautiful and you get to move in variety of ways that you do not get to do in other types of dancing. Join our on going Israeli Folk Dance sessions any time.

Line Dancing at the Senior Center

Year round line dancing during the day at the Senior Center at 5701 NW 34 Street, Gainesville, FL. Keep your mind, body and soul healthy by staying active. Have fun, learn to dance, exercise, get out of the house, enjoy the music and meet people. Register via Santa Fe College Community Education.

Salsa Dancing

Learn beginning salsa dancing, have fun moving to Latin music and get introduced to how to dance with a partner.

Swing Dancing Lindy Style

Learn lindy-style swing dancing, the most versatile of all partner dances, because of the amount of opportunity you have to dance swing. You can dance swing to much popular music. In this class you get to enjoy the great swing music from the classic era of big band swing. There are a variety of different types of swing dancing, such as lindy and west coast swing. While there are differences in style, all swing dancing is swing dancing, with the same fundamentals. You can apply the basics to you learn in this class to all types of swing.

West Coast Swing

Learn the popular west coast swing dance. West coast swing is done to slower tempo music, in many different genres such as blues, country, folk, jazz, pop and soul. West coast swing is a subset of lindy style swing and a relatively easy dance to learn since the music is slower, giving you time to think.

Many Other Dance Programs

See the Gainesville and Ocala Dance Groups page for a list of dance groups you can attend.

You have many other dance programs to choose from as well, including aerial arts, ballroom dancing, Brazilian forro and capoiera, English country, international folk, Irish set, latin, Scottish, vintage waltz, zydeco and more. Sign up for the newsletters and check the calendar to stay informed.

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