April 2018

Friday 13 April 2018

Styling Accents in Social Swing Class with Brittany

Fri 13 Apr, 7 pm. By Ear Musician, 7230 W University Avenue, Gainesville. Brittany Coy, 352-231-6498. $15 per night or $35 for 3 weeks. Britta Dance - [website][events]

You all have been asking, and finally, it is here. Styling Accents in Social Swing (AKA SASS).

This will be in a line dance format so no partner is required.

Each week, you learn a piece of choreography to a certain song (chosen by your instructor). Each section you learn, will contain moves you can use to add style and flair to your overall dance skills. With a special focus of West Coast Swing ;)

We will be using different parts of the body (isolations). I.E. Shoulders, feet, hands. Along with some common moves you may already know, we will create a dance to the chosen song. Please note, this will be a progressive class, adding more moves to the same song each week.
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