Tap with Chaya

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Florida North Central: Gainesville, Ocala - United States

Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap - Dance

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Tap with Chaya

Tap with Chaya Tue 5/29 Gainesville Ayurveda Alt


May 2018

Tuesday 29 May 2018

Tap with Chaya

Tue 5/29, 6-7 pm. North Central Florida YMCA, 5201 NW 34 Street, Gainesville, 32605. Chaya Heller, 561-330-2929. 6 classes $74 or $66 member, 10 classes $108 or $98 member, 1 class $15. Ayurveda Alternatives - [email][events]

Designed to demonstrate that creativity can be fun for everyone and can make our community stronger and healthier. Experience fun, exercise and creative expression, musicality and feeling great through the language and joy of tap dancing as an art form for healing the body, mind and spirit, with rhythm, movement, music and sound. Wear comfortable clothing and tap shoes. Free childcare while you dance. Arrive early, class will begin promptly.
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