August 2018

Thursday 30 August 2018

Ballroom Dancing with Ray and Eileen - Cha Cha and Quickstep

Thu 30 Aug, 7-9:15 pm. Rena's Ballroom, 720 NW 23 Ave, Gainesville. Eileen Paris, 352-331-2742. Ballroom Dancing with Parris Dance - [email][events]

Foxtrot I 7 to 8 pm

5 week progressive class with the fun dance the Cha Cha. Starting with basics & building each week. Can be danced to a variety of music, not just latin. Singles or couples, rotating partners is optional. Cost for 5 weeks: $50/person, $90/couple, $40/college student. Cash or check accepted.

Qucikstep II 8 to 9:15 pm

Continuing July's dance of Quickstep. Must know Quickstep to join in August. Singles and couples welcomed. We do rotate partners. 5 week cost: $60/person, $110/couple, $40/college student.
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