May 2019

Saturday 18 May 2019

Luna of Cairo A Night on the Nile

Sat 18 May, 7:30-10 pm. Blackadder Brewing Company, 618 NW 60 Street, Gainesville, 32607. Leela Corman, 718-687-7433. Belly Dance with Leela - [website][email][events]

Join us for our yearly Belly Dance Showcase Fundraiser. This year, we are super-excited that our featured performer is Luna of Cairo--an internationally known teacher and performer!

In addition, we have an array of dancers performing from Gainesville, Orlando, Tampa, Pensacola, Tallahassee and St. Augustine!!!

There will also be an amazing raffle with all proceeds to be donated to Peaceful Paths and Ocala Domestic Abuse Shelter. No cover but donations accepted!

Luna of Cairo will also be teaching 2-days of belly dance workshops at the Gainesville Retreat Center.

Egyptian Technique and Combinations
Luna will teach some typical Egyptian-styled movements, as well as some of her signature ones that she invented over the course of her dance career in Cairo. She will explain how they differ in emphasis, genesis, and meaning to American-flavored movements, as well as demonstrate how to string them together into unique and intelligent combinations. Luna will also break down the movements into "families" according to their qualities and explain how to use that categorization to develop your own unique technique.

Um Kulthoum Choreography
In this workshop, you will learn how to interpret a well known Um Kulthoum song. Emphasis will be on the relationship between lyrics and tarab, and on how to express the song without over-dancing.

Classic Shaabi
Shaabi is a dance form originating from the lower class neighborhoods of Cairo that has become extremely popular in the workshop circuit. But did you know that it's at least as old as some of the classics we're used to dancing to? In this workshop, Luna will choose a more classical piece of shaabi music and explore the relationship between the lyrics, the instrumentation, and tarab. She will demonstrate how to adjust posture, gestures, and expression to capture the feeling of this genre of shaabi music.
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