September 2019

Saturday 7 September 2019

Flamenco Workshop with Vanessa Cerallo

Sat 7 Sep to Sun 8 Sep, 12-2 pm. Gainesville. Belly Dance with Leela - [website][events]

Najmah and Oralia will be hosting the stunning Vanessa Cerallo September 7th and 8th.


Workshop 1
Saturday, September 7th, 12-2pm

The first hour Vanessa will dive deep into Flamenco Technique starting with posture, arms and feet then she will move to a flamenco favorite, Fans!

The fan is a traditionally added to compliment flamenco dance. It is known for its artistic expression not only in Flamenco but in all of Spanish Culture.

Second hour she will share with us the Spanish tradition of Sevillanas! These dances come from Sevilla and its region. They were derived from seguidilla, and old Castilian folk music and dance genre in the 19th century and were influenced by Flamenco. Sevillanas are traditionally danced during Feria (lots of people go as tourist to La Feria de Sevilla/ Feria de Abril) and it is pretty cool to be able to participate in the festivities by dancing Sevillanas

Workshop 2
Sunday, September 8th, 12-2pm

The first hour, Vanessa will continue breaking down Flamenco technique with posture arms, feet and fan work (see description in Saturday's workshop) and into the second hour we will work on Tangos!

Tangos is one of the Flamenco Palos and is closely related in form to the Rumba Flamenca. It is often performed as a finale to Flamenco Tiento. Its compas and llamanda are the same as that of the farruca and share the farrucas lively nature.

Please bring the following to class (if you have it)
*Flamenco style skirt
*Flamenco shoes or character shoes

Any questions can be sent to Gainesville.raqs@gmail.com

Both workshops=$100 + $4 for PayPal fees= $104
1 Workshop only=$60 + $3 for PayPal fees= $63

Please send Paypal to:

or if you would rather pay by check, please send an email requesting the address to send check to

Location Salsa Mundial Gainesville

NIGHT ON THE NILE EVENING SHOW featuring Vanessa Cerello
Blackadder Brewing Company
September 7th

Vanessa Cerallo is originally from Caracas, Venezuela . She started dancing Flamenco at a very young age at the El Rocio Flamenco School with the famous dancer—Diana Patricia “La Macarena”.

After moving to the United States, Vanessa took a break from dancing while she worked on her educational pursuits, earning a bachelor's degree in International Business and a Master in Business Administration.

Even though Vanessa took a break from dancing to further her education, Flamenco was a passion that Vanessa never let go. So, after finishing her studies, Vanessa was pulled back into dancing and started taking classes at the Frank Rey Studio in Tampa.

Since her return to dance, Vanessa has performed at various locations and events, including weekly shows at Ceviche in downtown Saint Petersburg with Sombras Flamencas, monthly shows at Spain Restaurant in downtown Tampa, and she was part of the dance company that performed at the Columbia Restaurant in Ybor city.

In addition to public venues, Vanessa also performs at private galas and special occasion shows like weddings and parties. Other amazing one-of-a-kind performances include performing at the Dalí Museum and at the Palladium theater with the group Kafkasso!

In order to keep up to date and further her training, Vanessa has taken Flamenco workshops with renown artists from Spain like Nella Madarro and La Truco. In addition, she hosts Flamenco workshops in her area, including hosting the famously talented Anita Loynaz. Currently Vanessa teaches Flamenco dance at Hip Expression.

Egyptian Technique and Combinations
Luna will teach some typical Egyptian-styled movements, as well as some of her signature ones that she invented over the course of her dance career in Cairo. She will explain how they differ in emphasis, genesis, and meaning to American-flavored movements, as well as demonstrate how to string them together into unique and intelligent combinations. Luna will also break down the movements into "families" according to their qualities and explain how to use that categorization to develop your own unique technique.

Um Kulthoum Choreography
In this workshop, you will learn how to interpret a well known Um Kulthoum song. Emphasis will be on the relationship between lyrics and tarab, and on how to express the song without over-dancing.

Classic Shaabi
Shaabi is a dance form originating from the lower class neighborhoods of Cairo that has become extremely popular in the workshop circuit. But did you know that it's at least as old as some of the classics we're used to dancing to? In this workshop, Luna will choose a more classical piece of shaabi music and explore the relationship between the lyrics, the instrumentation, and tarab. She will demonstrate how to adjust posture, gestures, and expression to capture the feeling of this genre of shaabi music.
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