May 2019

Saturday 18 May 2019

Embodied Prayer: 5Rhythms® Movement Exploration with Amber Ryan

Sat 18 May, 10 am-6 pm. www.casamicanopy.com, 22259 NW 75th Avenue Road, Gainesville, 32667. 352-535-0784. Aurora Healing Arts - [website][email][events]

Celebrate your place in Creation as you dance and sweat your prayers in this life-giving workshop.

Everything that happens in our lives happens in our bodies, whether we are present for it or not. The body is our main vehicle for presence. This is where we begin in the 5Rhythms® practice.

Some of us have ritual prayers of gratitude that we say before meal. Some of us pray in a church, some in nature. In the 5Rhythms® practice, we dance our prayers. We sweat them. We give permission for a fully expressed Embodiment of divine energy to exist.

In this day together, we will:

- Create a reverent existence strengthening our pipeline to the divine
- Gather up our dreams and weave them into an inspired manifestation
- Gather our heart hurts, turn them into love letters, and sprinkle them into the fire of forgiveness
- Allow our deepest prayers to flow through us, opening space for a sacred co-creation with life to emerge


10am-1pm Morning Session
1-2:30pm Lunch Break
2:30-6pm Afternoon Session



- All genders welcome
- Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a closed bottle for water.
- Tea and snacks will be provided.
- Lunch will be on your own. Several lovely restaurants are located near the venue.
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