November 2019

Tuesday 12 November 2019

Gator Salsa Club Lead and Follow Dynamics Workshop

Tue 12 Nov, 6-7:30 pm. Little Hall 0221, UF Campus, Gainesville, 32601. Gator Salsa Club. Gator Salsa Club - [email][events]

Join Gator Salsa Club (GSC) for an hour of collaborative discussion on respect, comfort, and enjoyment while social dancing in the Gainesville salsa scene. This workshop is part of a broader GSC initiative that began with the "Lead-follow dynamics" survey that many of you participated in--68 people kindly shared their thoughts on these topics. The workshop will have several components:

- A PowerPoint presentation (Will Boose and Gianna Ramos) that reviews survey results and poses questions to the audience based on data and participant quotes.

- Group discussion and feedback on some proposed practices that could be incorporated into classes, socials, etc.

- Informal dialogue on themes/issues that were not brought up through the survey
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