January 2020

Wednesday 15 January 2020

One More Ecstatic Dance and Cacao with Mat Chandler

Wed 15 Jan, 11 am-1 pm. The Crystal Canvas, 1801 NE 23 Avenue, Suite D5, Gainesville, 32609. 352-562-9919. Aurora Healing Arts - [website][email][events]

Join Mat Chandler and myself for one more ecstatic dance with Cacao before he heads back to Guatemala!

Cacao is a powerful plant medicine, and also the tasty bean that makes chocolate. Known for opening the heart, it will surely help you help the energy flow in this ecstatic dance.

Ecstatic dance is a free-flow movement practice that incorporates music from all around the world into a wave of energy the rises and falls. Here we will open ourselves to feel what is real for us and express it without judgement.

Come co-create as we combine the dance of life with this fresh Mayan cacao just brought back from Guatemala. The ceremony will be lead, and the music-mix orchestrated, by Mat Chandler; who has been living in this ancient Central American heartland of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

Energy exchange for this Wednesday night dances is $10 ! (For the cacao, it’s just $5 more for a heart-opening cup, should you choose to partake. Feel free to come to the whole evening, even if you are not drinking the cacao. (PS the dance is a substance-free event aside from this special elixir.)

We will start the ceremony at 7pm, and you can arrive as early as 6:40 if you want to get settled beforehand.

Please invite your friends! If this is their first ever ecstatic dance the admission is free! Our community is growing so let’s keep it going! This is a continuation of our bi-weekly Wednesday night dances!)

Thank you all and I’m excited to get weird with y’all! ;)

Love Riley
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