January 2021

Friday 22 January 2021

Online Contra and English Country Dance from Atlanta

Fri 22 Jan, 7-9 pm. Gainesville. Susie, 352-466-9150. Gainesville Oldtime Dance Society - [website][email][events]

Join us for Contra, ECD, waltz, tai chi and more at Atlanta's Virtual Friday DistDance!

When: Friday Nov 6; doors open 7:00pm Eastern; live music and dance 7:30-8:45
Caller: Kappy Laning
Band: Jeff Spero and Kira Otte
Link: http://contradance.link/ATLDistDance

Enjoy dancing if you are moved, or just enjoy chatting with your friends or enjoying good music. The program of contra and ECD (and a free waltz or two) is selected by the caller to be easy and satisfying with one or two people. If you'd like to warm up with 20 minutes of tai chi, arrive at 7:10 for a session with Cis Hinkle.

Kappy presents delightful and fun programs. Her teaching and calling are very skilled and reflect her strong connection to the dances and the music. (A fellow caller gave me this description of me recently!)

Enjoy the amazing Celtic fiddler Kira Ott, and well-traveled contra keyboardist Jeff Spero for this exciting evening of dances.

Doors open at 7:00 Eastern for a Zoom lesson for those who would like it and social time for those who’ve done it before. Be sure to clear out some dance space in your house, charge your device, and come on down (virtually, of course) to enjoy this dance and community event.

Dancing starts at 7:30 with the last waltz at 8:45, and the hall will remain open for another 15 minutes for chitchat and farewells. Note: Atlanta DistDance uses gender-free calling (larks and robins).

Please share with your friends near and far! Hope to see you Friday!

Atlanta DistDances are a community service from Seth Tepfer, Kimbi Sessions Hagen, Cis Hinkle, Robbin Marcus & Dave Marcus. They are not sponsored by the Chattahoochee Contra Dancers or ECD Atlanta.
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