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In Person Gator Salsa Club Downtown


January 2021

Wednesday 27 January 2021

In Person Gator Salsa Club Downtown

Wed 27 Jan, 6-8:30 pm. GSC members, we are having in-person classes every Wednesday from 6pm-8pm at 100 SW 1st Ave. A few more details about the location: it is in Downtown Gainesville, most of the street on SW 1st Ave, from Main St to Volta has been made into a public city park so this is where we’ll be holding all the classes from now on! It took us a while to figure out a place where we could safely have class and also make sure that it will be permanent rather than constantly change locations. With that said: face masks are REQUIRED, we will be following strict social distancing, if you would like to dance with a partner you must come to class together and we won't be allowing partner rotations. This week's class will have the following schedule: 6:00 pm - LA shine 6:30 pm - LA partner work 7:00 pm - Bachata shine 7:30 pm - Bachata partner work There will be a beginners level and an intermediate/advanced level for each class. For tho ... 100 SW 1st Ave, Gainesville, 32601-6243. Gator Salsa Club. Gator Salsa Club - [more][website][email][events]

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