Jazz Night: The Oak Duo

Swing Dance Gainesville

Florida North Central: Gainesville, Ocala - United States

Swing: Lindy, West Coast - Dance

Fri 24 Jun 2022
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Jazz Night: The Oak Duo

Jazz Night: The Oak Duo Fri 6/24 Gainesville SwingDance


June 2022

Friday 24 June 2022

Jazz Night: The Oak Duo

Fri 24 Jun, 5-8 pm. 4th Avenue Food Park, 409 SW 4 Avenue, Gainesville. Swing Dance Gainesville - [website][events]

Swing dance to The Oak Duo, a pair of musicians playing improvisational music of swing, blues, bossa nova, a little pop, and jazz. Inspired by Thelonious Monk and Miles Davis, they inspire smiles in audiences wherever they play. They are the perfect combination of piano and upright bass and never play the same thing twice, fresh, spontaneous, and always entertaining.

At the 4th Avenue Food Park at which you can find Opus Airstream, Fehrenbacher Artisan Sausage, Sublime Tacos, Humble Wood Fire, BakerBaker, Satch Squared, and Feliz Ice Cream.
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