October 2022

Friday 28 October 2022

West Coast Swing Halloween Dance Party With Chad

Fri 28 Oct, 8-10:30 pm. Rena's Ballroom, 720 NW 23 Avenue, Gainesville. Chad Young. $15. Chad Big Daddy Young Swing Time - [website][email][events]

Hello everyone. Time for another fun (mostly) West Coast Swing dance hosted by yours truly! Nothing fancy, just 2.5 hours of mostly West Coast Swing dancing, a beautiful dance floor, and air conditioning that will put frost on a polar bear.

Music will be mostly West Coast Swing with some East Coast Swing, Hustle, Country 2 step, and maybe some other random stuff for no good reason.
Please, no alcoholic beverages.

COVID guidelines
If you have cold or flu symptoms or have recently been in close contact with someone who has shown these symptoms, please be kind and stay home. We will love to have you back for future dances when you are well and can safely attend.
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