November 2022

Thursday 10 November 2022

Ballroom Dance in Belleview

Thu 10 Nov, 7-10 pm. Belleview Community Center, 5615 SE 110 Place, Belleview, 34420. Susan Heaney, 407-757-2975. $10 members, $14 non-members. USA Dance Ocala - [website][email][events]

7:00 pm Lesson
7:30 pm Dancing

Every second Thursday evening ballroom dance. The venue is close to US 441 in Belleview. The cross street is SE 56th Avenue, between the McDonald’s and the Burger King. This dance provides us with a venue that is convenient to Ocala and Belleview.

Our Chapter also hosts a Sunday Tea Dance on the fourth Sunday of each month at the Ross Plumbing Ballroom, 930 Thomas Avenue, Leesburg, Florida.
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