Learn To Lead and Follow Every Step


October 2022

Wednesday 5 October 2022

English Country Dancing Beginner Series Week 1 of 4

Wed 5 Oct, 6-8 pm. United Church of Gainesville, 1624 NW 5 Avenue, Gainesville, 32603. Annette Merritt, 352-246-4659. English Country Dancing with Randy and Annette - [email][events]

First, we will be having a Small Group at UCG to teach the basics of English Country Dance. Have you come before but wish there had been more teaching? Want to learn the basic figures? Do you have a friend who might like to dance and this would be a good way to ease them into it? Would you like to hear again some of the basic figures—maybe have some questions answered? Want to review moves? Can you come to help and partner with new dancers? All are welcome. There is no charge for these workshops as they are sponsored by UCG.

The class will be on Wednesday evenings beginning September 28 and ending October 19 at UCG in Reimer Hall (the same room as our regular dance). We will be there from 6 - 8. We will be using recorded music. Please join us.
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