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March 2023

Thursday 30 March 2023

Hustle!, West Coast Swing, and Argentine Tango with Andy

Thu 30 Mar, 7 pm. Congregation B'nai Israel, 3830 NW 16th Blvd, Gainesville, 32605. Andrew Weitzen, 352-327-3672. Swing Dance Gainesville - [email][events]

6:00 pm Argentine Tango by request
7:00 pm Hustle!
8:00 pm West Coast Swing or Other
9:00 pm Argentine Tango by request

You learn to dance gently, as light as a feather, without the use of force, with no pushing and pulling.

Learn to Hustle! Have the most fun. See for yourself.

This is the dance that kept partner dancing alive. This is a bit different from the ballroom studio version of Hustle. This is sometimes called Latin Hustle. If you want to go where people dance Hustle, this is the kind of Hustle you need to know.

$10 for the night includes this evening schedule:

For all levels except novice.

Everyone welcome.

Let me know if you can attend.

Invite others.

The program is adjusted for those attending.

If financial considerations keep you from dancing, contact us to make arrangements you can afford.
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