How To Dance With a Partner

Jacqueline Valdez, Gainesville

Gainesville, 32. Jacqueline Valdez, 352-256-2054 - [website][email][events][posts]

Sign up for classes, parties by contacting Jacqueline. Looking for a new and fun way to get fit? Any shape, any level, any size. Why choose this studio? All classes are personal training classes. Gainesville's only certified instructor and #1 dance and fitness studio. Known worldwide. We are a small fitness family made up of professional women who just want to get fit in a safe and effective manner while having a good time. Changing the stigma to Pole Dance.

Jacqueline is the owner and sole instructor of Gainesville's #1 intimate dance & fitness studio, #1 Pilates Instructor, #1 Zumba event leader, Gainesville's ONLY certified Pole Fitness/Dance and pole competition winner

Creator of premier online dance and fitness lessons (TM ), 2 trademarked classes that premiered in Vegas in 2014 which are exclusive to Jacqueline and her studio Cardio A Go-Go (TM) and Vertical Arabesque (TM).

Co-creator of Infusion Remax (TM) which gained world recognition, making world ballet news and history in the aerial art industry in 2012. This unique and first of its kind collaboration is even stirring up the buzz in the entertainment industry.

Jacqueline is also a proud Representative and correspondent for world media company Pole World News. Jacqueline has the honor to not only write and give tips to help others but also interviews many influential and huge celebrities in the industry.

Jacqueline is a brand ambassador for Mighty Grip.

Jacqueline is well known in the aerial and pole industry as a celebrity herself even being labeled the “Pole Ballerina”. Jacqueline has appeared in numerous magazine, tv, commercial and radio interviews. Jacqueline has even graced the cover of Pole 2 Pole Magazine as the Pole celebrity of the month.

When she is not in the studio she is making national appearances as well as volunteering her talents for charity.

Jacqueline has been featured performing solo acts as well as with Infusion Remax (TM) world-wide including some of the biggest events in the Pole Industry performing at the Pole World News Awards in Los Angeles and at The Pole Expo in LasVegas. As well as fashion events including VIP exclusive in Tampa, Florida.

Jacqueline has been nominated for Most Inspirational Role Model by PWN, upcoming new artist with PWN and been nominated for The Spirit of Gainesville.

In addition Jacqueline works modeling and as a celebrity fitness expert and can be found at stands world-wide with Sheen, OMB and Embrace Beauty Magazines.

Due to being a compassionate being with a big heart and having a huge love for animals she can be found rescuing those in need and speaking on behalf of those who need a voice.

Jacqueline has sustained injuries from multiple car accidents and lives with Sjogren's Disease. Jacqueline works hard on a daily basis to inspire and help others.
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