Balboa Swing Dance Class

UF Swing Dance Club

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Swing: Lindy, West Coast - Dance

Wed 3 Apr 2019
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Balboa Swing Dance Class

Balboa Swing Dance Class Wed 4/03 Gainesville UF Swing Dan


April 2019

Wednesday 3 April 2019

Balboa Swing Dance Class

Wed 3 Apr, 5-6 pm. Reitz Union Dance Studio, UF Campus, Gainesville. Free. UF Swing Dance Club - [email][events]

A series of bimonthly balboa lessons. In this meeting we will learn basic down - hold footwork and connection and start exploring how to use it to move with our partners. Due to unavailability of the dance studios, the second session will not begin until February 6. From then on we will meet every other week from 4 to 6 pm with an hour for lessons and an hour for practice. If you are unable to attend this first session you are welcome to come at 4 pm on Feb 6 to get a re-cap.

For these lessons please bring shoes that will allow you to slide or else, wear socks. This will not go well for you if your shoes are causing you to grip the floor. We may have a gap of about 3 weeks before the next session, but I highly encourage you to use this time to practice your footwork and get confortable with it, it will make the rest of the semester easier for you.
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