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June 2021

Friday 4 June 2021

Ecstatic Dance Outdoor with Cacao at Fortress of Light

Fri 4 Jun, 7-9:30 pm. Come dance! Join us Outdoors at The Fortress of Light for an Outdoor Ecstatic Dance, fireside and with a warm cup of Holy Wow Cacao and music by DJ Tailypo, AKA ( Riley Leachman) ???????? In this 5-Rhythms based movement practice, co-create with others, in your own individual journey, a stronger connection of body, mind and spirit - return to your center - energize, relax and release - find flow and fun with friends - let loose and shake off the week and welcome the present - all in a peaceful environment of community dance! Energy exchange $15 to Dance $20 with Cacao **Tickets for sale at door only** We are also are having a potluck! So if you would like to eat and share snacks after the dance, we hope you will participate!?? *please bring your own mug for Cacao and Water if possible!?? New to dance? Don’t know what your style is? Scared you might look silly? Have no fear - here in this space we create a safe containe ... The Crystal Canvas, 7131 NW 14th Ave, Gainesville, 32605-3121. Aurora Healing Arts - [more][website][events]

Saturday 12 June 2021

Teach Me To Dance: Summer Outdoor Line Dance Edition with Wanda Lloyd

Sat 12 Jun, 3-7 pm. Masks are required. 1400 NE 8 Avenue, Gainesville, 32601. Wanda Lloyd. Smooth Flava Dance - [website][events]

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