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Dance Organizations

Organization Name:
1st Klass Kloggers [events][posts] Gainesville
All That Swing [events][posts]
American Red Cross North Central Florida [events][posts] Gainesville
Argentine Tango Papirusa [events][posts] Gainesville
Aurora Healing Arts [events][posts] Gainesville
Ayurveda Alternatives [events][posts] Gainesville
Baila Caliente [events][posts] Gainesville
Ballroom Dancing with Bob Rogers [events][posts] Gainesville
Ballroom Dancing with Parris Dance [events][posts] Gainesville
Belly Artist Dance Studio [events][posts] Ocala
Belly Dance with Leela [events][posts] Gainesville
Brazilian Cultural Arts Echange [events][posts] Gainesville
Brazilian Cultural Arts Exchange [events][posts] Gainesville
Brazilian Dance [events][posts] Gainesville
Britta Dance [events][posts] Gainesville
C4 Dance Academy [events][posts] Ocala
Chad Big Daddy Young Swing Time [events][posts] Gainesville
Chaotic Vibez Entertainment [events][posts] Gainesville
Cross Creek Cloggers [events][posts] Gainesville
Dance 2 the Music Ocala [events][posts] Ocala
Dance 352 [events][posts] Gainesville
Dance Alive [events][posts] Gainesville
Dance Camp [events][posts] Gainesville
Dance Dance Dance [events][posts] Wildwood
Dance Gainesville [events][posts] Gainesville
Dance Trance [events][posts] Gainesville
Dances of Universal Peace - Gainesville [events][posts] Ft. McCoy
Dancin' Around Studio [events][posts] Ocala
Death Letter Blues [events][posts] Gainesville
Elegant Body Pilates with Jacqueline Valdez [events][posts] Gainesville
English Country Dancing with Randy and Annette [events][posts] Gainesville
Florida Balboa and Swing [events][posts] Gainesville
Florida Swing Dance Club [events][posts] Gainesville
Flying Turtles String Band [events][posts] High Springs
Gainesville Dance and Music Association [events][posts] Gainesville
Gainesville Dance and Music Association [events][posts] Gainesville
Gainesville Dance Association [events][posts] Gainesville
Gainesville Health and Fitness Center [events][posts] Gainesville
Gainesville International Folk Dancers [events][posts] Gainesville
Gainesville Oldtime Dance Society [events][posts] Gainesville
Gainesville Scottish Country Dancers [events][posts] Gainesville
Gainesville Waltz [events][posts] Gainesville
Gator Salsa Club [events][posts] Gainesville
Grand Squares [events][posts] Gainesville
Greenwood Morris [events][posts] Gainesville
Half-Fasst Jam [events][posts] Gainesville
Harmony Dancing (sm) [events][posts] Gainesville
Hip Moves Fitness Studio [events][posts] Gainesville
Hogtown Heelers [events][posts] Gainesville
Hogtown Zydeco [events][posts] Gainesville
Hogtown Zydeco [events][posts] Gainesville
Imperial Dance Studio [events][posts] Gainesville
IndepenDance Studio [events][posts] Gainesville
Inisheer Irish Dance Company [events][posts] Gainesville
International Dance Camp [events][posts] Gainesville
Irish Dance with Allison [events][posts] Gainesville
Irish Dance with Bridget Madden [events][posts] Gainesville
Israeli Dance with Andrew Weitzen [events][posts] Gainesville
Israeli Dancing with Hillel, UF JSU [events][posts] Gainesville
K-Arts [events][posts] Gainesville

1st Klass Kloggers, Gainesville

Recreational Clogging Classes and Performance Group. Beginners through Advanced welcome. Ages 5 through adult. Contemporary precision and traditional styles. No partner necessary, but more fun with a friend. Free beginner classes held periodically throughout the year. Gainesville. Kelli McChesney - [website][events][posts]

All That Swing

Teach Lindy Hop Swing, Performance Swing Dance Troupe. [website][email][events][posts]

American Red Cross North Central Florida, Gainesville

1425 NW 6 Street, Gainesville. Sally Lawrence, 352-376-4669 - [email][events][posts]

Argentine Tango Papirusa, Gainesville

Andrea teaches series of social Argentine Tango classes. Occasional Milonga. 7916 NW 35 Place, Gainesville. Andrea Pham, 352-375-0062 - [email][events][posts]

Aurora Healing Arts, Gainesville

From yoga and meditation, to ecstatic dances, breathwork workshops, and beyond, you’ll discover a diversity of experiences here at Aurora that will help you on your journey of finding truth; your adventure of returning to center. 109 SE 4 Ave, Gainesville, 32601. 352-562-9919 - [website][email][events][posts]

Ayurveda Alternatives, Gainesville

Chaya~Sharon Heller; BA, CAP, LMT, IYT, E-RYT500 and Sr. Kripalu Instructor, is a Professional Dance Educator, Performer, and Choreographer, who taught at NYU and NYC Dance Studios, and worked with dance masters, Savion Glover, Gregory Hines, Brenda Bufalino and The American Tap Dance Orchestra, and appeared in several Broadway Musicals. Chaya is also an Integrative Medicine Wellness Educator and Practitioner at UF Health Shands Hospital. She is a Certified Holistic Health Educator, Ayurvedic Practitioner, and Yoga Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist and Author. She presents at Kripalu, Omega, and Canyon Ranch and received her BA from Queen’s College in Home Economics; Food and Nutrition, and was a dietitian at St. Vincent’s Hospital in NYC. Her Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy Certifications include Kripalu, Krishnamamcharya’s Yoga Mandiram, and Integrative Yoga Therapy, plus advanced studies with Dr. Vasant Lad and Dr. Partap Chauhan in th ... North Central Florda YMCA, 5201 NW 34 Blvd, Gainesville, 32605. Chaya Heller, 561-330-2929 - [more][website][email][events][posts]

Baila Caliente, Gainesville

Studio Percussion, 2512 NE 1 Blvd, Ste 500, Gainesville, 32601. Salsa Caliente, 352-871-7244 - [website][email][events][posts]

Ballroom Dancing with Bob Rogers, Gainesville

Gainesville. Bob Rogers, 352-335-1339 - [email][events][posts]

Ballroom Dancing with Parris Dance, Gainesville

Gainesville Dance Association, 308 W University Ave, Gainesville. Eileen Paris - [email][events][posts]

Belly Artist Dance Studio, Ocala

Learn the art of sword, fan, and skirt dancing thru the lens of belly dance fusion. If you enjoy learning, crafting, dancing, music, books, travel, and building friendships, belly dance has it all. You learn to weave Tribal Fusion, Folkloric, Romani Gypsy, and Latin dances. Explore the creativity within yourself and build the confidence to share it. 1713 SW 17 Street, Ocala, 34474. Abby Sue David - [website][email][events][posts]

Belly Dance with Leela, Gainesville

Hip Moves Fitness Studio, 708 NW 23 Ave, Gainesville. Leela Corman, 718-687-7433 - [website][email][events][posts]

Brazilian Cultural Arts Echange, Gainesville

Capoeira all ages/levels throughout the week. Afro Brazilian Dance every Saturday 11 - 12:30 www.e. 601 South Main St, Gainesville, 32696. Corey Cottrell, 352 316 0682 - [website][email][events][posts]

Brazilian Cultural Arts Exchange, Gainesville

The Brazilian Cultural Arts Exchange is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to providing cultural and artistic enrichment to Gainesville and other communities through education in the variety of Brazilian performance arts including Capoeira Luanda. 308 W University Ave, Gainesville, 32601. Catherine Powers, 352-359-4143 - [website][email][events][posts]

Brazilian Dance, Gainesville

Weekly dance class. P O Box 115900, Gainesville, 32611. Juliana Azoubel, 352-273-0271 - [email][events][posts]

Britta Dance, Gainesville

Gainesville. Brittany Coy, 352-231-6498 - [website][events][posts]

C4 Dance Academy, Ocala

Ballroom dance studio. 3442 SE Lake Weir Ave, Ocala, 34471. Charles Cook, 888-608-4624 - [email][events][posts]

Chad Big Daddy Young Swing Time, Gainesville

Gainesville. Chad Young - [email][events][posts]

Chaotic Vibez Entertainment, Gainesville

Gainesville. 352-792-9653 - [website][events][posts]

Cross Creek Cloggers, Gainesville

Weekly classes at GDMA. Public performances by Green Grass. Gainesville. Eleta Sucsy, 352-473-7761 - [email][events][posts]

Dance 2 the Music Ocala, Ocala

Ocala. Melissa McNichols, 352-843-0773 - [email][events][posts]

Dance 352, Gainesville

Dance 352 is a dance studio based out of Gainesville focused on welcoming the community to the world of dance. We would like to offer a fun atmosphere for you to learn and grow with us in a safe environment. 2512 NE 1 Blvd, Suite 500, Gainesville, 32601. Shay Smich, 352-283-1603 - [website][email][events][posts]

Dance Alive, Gainesville

Dance Alive National Ballet is a professional ballet company. State touring company of Florida. 1325 NW 2nd Street, Gainesville, 32601. Dance Alive, 352-371-2986 - [website][email][events][posts]

Dance Camp, Gainesville

International folk dancing. Gainesville, 32605. Margaret Tolbert - [email][events][posts]

Dance Dance Dance, Wildwood

307 N Main Street, Wildwood, 34785. Mary Thomas, 352-266-0015 - [website][email][events][posts]

Dance Gainesville, Gainesville

Gainesville. Marilyn Escue, 352-332-6566 - [website][email][events][posts]

Dance Trance, Gainesville

Welcome to the other side of fitness. If you are looking for an exciting workout you have found it. By Ear Musician, 7230 W University Ave, Gainesville. Mary Hencher, 352-328-1329 - [website][email][events][posts]

Dances of Universal Peace - Gainesville, Ft. McCoy

Sacred dance and singing honoring world religions, uplifting the spirit. Everyone participates. Po Box 376, Ft. McCoy, 32134. Diana Kanoy, 352-546-1345 - [website][email][events][posts]

Dancin' Around Studio, Ocala

Group classes & private lessons. 3960 South Pine Avenue, Ocala, 34480. John Whipple, 352-690-6637 - [website][email][events][posts]

Death Letter Blues, Gainesville

Gainesville - [events][posts]

Elegant Body Pilates with Jacqueline Valdez, Gainesville

Sign up for classes, parties by contacting Jacqueline. Looking for a new and fun way to get fit? Any shape, any level, any size. Why choose this studio? All classes are personal training classes. Gainesville's only certified instructor and #1 dance and fitness studio. Known worldwide. We are a small fitness family made up of professional women who just want to get fit in a safe and effective manner while having a good time. Changing the stigma to Pole Dance. Jacqueline is the owner and sole instructor of Gainesville's #1 intimate dance & fitness studio, #1 Pilates Instructor, #1 Zumba event leader, Gainesville's ONLY certified Pole Fitness/Dance and pole competition winner Creator of premier online dance and fitness lessons www.jacquelinevaldezfitness.com (TM ), 2 trademarked classes that premiered in Vegas in 2014 which are exclusive to Jacqueline and her studio Cardio A Go-Go (TM) and Vertical Arabesque (TM). Co-creator of I ... Gainesville, 32. Jacqueline Valdez, 352-256-2054 - [more][website][email][events][posts]

English Country Dancing with Randy and Annette, Gainesville

English Country Dancing called by Randy Thorp. United Church of Gainesville, 1624 NW 5th Ave., Gainesville, 32603. Annette Merritt - [email][events][posts]

Florida Balboa and Swing, Gainesville

308 W University Ave, Gainesville, 32608. Christian Campbell, 352-514-7411 - [email][events][posts]

Florida Swing Dance Club, Gainesville

Gainesville - [website][email][events][posts]

Flying Turtles String Band, High Springs

Plays for contra dances. High Springs. Tom Hogan, 352-472-7632 - [email][events][posts]

Gainesville Dance and Music Association, Gainesville

Practicing and promoting participatory dance and music by bringing together dancers and musicians for resources, knowledge, talents and ideas. Gainesville Dance & Music Association, 308 W University Avenue, 2nd Floor, Gainesville, 32604. Tara Bolker, 352-376-6383 - [website][email][events][posts]

Gainesville Dance and Music Association, Gainesville

Ballroom dance classes every Thrusday from 7:00 to 8:00 at 308 W University Avenue, 2nd floor. All ballroom dances from beginers to intermediate levels. We'll learn new steps but also will work on technique so you can feel confortable dancing the steps you know. Gainesville, 32605. Susana Langlois, (352)692-3118 - [email][events][posts]

Gainesville Dance Association, Gainesville

Social dancing in the Gainesville and Ocala area. Gainesville, 32605. Andrew Weitzen, 352-327-3672 - [website][email][events][posts]

Gainesville Health and Fitness Center, Gainesville

4820 Newberry Road, Gainesville, 32605. 352-377-4955 - [website][email][events][posts]

Gainesville International Folk Dancers, Gainesville

One of Gainesville's longest running if not longest running group is GIFD, Gainesville International Folk Dancers. Enjoy dancing from all over the world. Everyone is invited and beginners are encouraged. The first part of the evening there is teaching and easier dances. The Gainesville International Folk Dancers sometimes do performances and you can join the performing group. Rosa B Williams Recreation Center, 524 NW 1 Street, Gainesville, 32601. Julieta, 352-281-0428, texting encouraged - [website][email][events][posts]

Gainesville Oldtime Dance Society, Gainesville

Contra dances on the 1st Sundays and 3rd Saturdays of the month. Annual "Dancing with the GODS" weekend including the Black & White Ball. Gainesville. Susie, 352-466-9150 - [website][email][events][posts]

Gainesville Scottish Country Dancers, Gainesville

Scottish Country dancing. Gainesville. Norma Wilson - [email][events][posts]

Gainesville Waltz, Gainesville

Monthly waltz brunch. GDMA Gainesville Dance & Music Assoc., 308 W. University Ave., Gainesville. Patricia Grace, 352-375-8139 - [website][email][events][posts]

Gator Salsa Club, Gainesville

Gainesville, 32601. Gator Salsa Club - [website][email][events][posts]

Grand Squares, Gainesville

Square dancing. Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 4225 NW 34 Street, Gainesville. Lon Ligon, 352-377-1828 - [website][email][events][posts]

Greenwood Morris, Gainesville

Traditional English festival and display dance group. 308 W University Avenue, 2nd Floor, Gainesville. Greenwood Morris - [email][events][posts]

Half-Fasst Jam, Gainesville

Casual/ Informal Acoustic music Jam; Ecclectic styles: Appalachian, Contradance, Swing, Irish; Every Tuesday Evening 8:30pm-10:30pm at residence in Southwest Gainesville, Florida For musicians of all levels. Optional: Bring Refreshment to share. 9710 SW 75th Way, Gainesville, 32608. Dea Browning, 352-495-2243 - [website][email][events][posts]

Harmony Dancing (sm), Gainesville

Harmony Dancing (sm) is the only method for communicating every step in every social dance unambiguously. Harmony Dancing is the gentlest way to dance with a partner. Be the smartest dancer in your group. Feel more comfortable, confident and popular. Make every dance a pleasure for you and your partner. Gainesville, 32605. Andrew Weitzen, 352-327-3672 - [website][email][events][posts]

Hip Moves Fitness Studio, Gainesville

708 NW 23 Avenue, Gainesville. Rona, 352-692-0132 - [website][email][events][posts]

Hogtown Heelers, Gainesville

We clog for fun and exercise. All ages and skill levels are welcome. It is best to text message us to make sure we will be there. We are pretty reliably there each week, but sometimes need to cancel. Grace Baptist Church, 7100 NW 39 Avenue, Gainesville. Gail Roser, 352-256-3742 - [email][events][posts]

Hogtown Zydeco, Gainesville

Gainesville. Hogtown Zydeco, 352-376-8881 - [website][email][events][posts]

Hogtown Zydeco, Gainesville

We're a motley crew of fun-loving dancers who love to zydeco. We dance locally on Fridays. Some of us travel to dance festivals and dance camps for some great times. Can't dance? No problem, come for the lesson at 7pm. Gainesville, 32601 - [website][email][events][posts]

Imperial Dance Studio, Gainesville

Group classes, private lessons, socials and parties. 3550 SW 34 Street, Gainesville, 32608. Maria Alvarez, 352-375-7763 - [website][email][events][posts]

IndepenDance Studio, Gainesville

Jazz Technique, Ballet and Pointe, Tap, Hip Hop, Clogging, Acrobatics, Modern, Contemporary and Lyrical, Acting and Improv, Vocal Training and much more. At IndepenDance Studio we offer performing arts classes for students ranging from toddlers to adults. Our primary focus is to offer the passion of the arts to any interested student regardless of age or ability. We aim to foster learning by providing performing arts education in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Join us and find your light. 5745 SW 75 Street, #311, Gainesville, 32608. 352-337-0017 - [website][email][events][posts]

Inisheer Irish Dance Company, Gainesville

Weekly Ceilidh-, hard-, and soft-shoe Irish dance classes. Occasional public performances. Gainesville Dance and Music Association, 308 W University Avenue, Gainesville. Piper Call, 352-327-1090 - [website][email][events][posts]

International Dance Camp, Gainesville

International folk dancing. Rosa B Williams Recreation Center, 524 NW 1 Street, Gainesville, 32601. Margaret Tolbert - [website][events][posts]

Irish Dance with Allison, Gainesville

Gainesville Dance Association, 308 W University Avenue, Gainesville. Allison - [email][events][posts]

Irish Dance with Bridget Madden, Gainesville

16 NW 7 Avenue, Gainesville. Bridget Madden - [email][events][posts]

Israeli Dance with Andrew Weitzen, Gainesville

Israeli dancing for all ages, beginners encouraged. Great fun, nice people, beautiful music, good exercise. Make friends and enjoy Israeli culture. There are good Israeli folk dancing opportunities in Gainesville for both circle and partner dances. Beginners are welcome and no partner is needed. Israeli Folk Dancing at B'nai Israel Join our Israeli Folk Dancing at B'nai Israel in Gainesville. The first part of the evening is for beginners. Afterwards, the dancing goes faster and is for more experienced dancers, though everyone is encouraged to participate. At the end of the evening, we do Israeli partner dances. http://Gainesville.IsraeliDance.info Now and then we run a beginner series for Israeli Folk Dancing for new dancers. This is a great time to start with other new dancers, all going at a slow, easy pace. Contact us to let us know you are interested. Occasionally we bring in choreographers and well-known instruct ... Congregation B'nai Israel, 3830 NW 16 Blvd, Gainesville, 32605. Andrew Weitzen, 352-327-3672 - [more][website][email][events][posts]

Israeli Dancing with Hillel, UF JSU, Gainesville

A beginner to advanced israeli dance class. Emphasis on modern line and circle dances, with the occasional partner or oldie. Gainesville, 32603. Jackie Ginzburg, 305-934-5838 - [email][events][posts]

K-Arts, Gainesville

Jazz dancing for kids. Gainesville. Kevin Anderson, 352-301-6847 - [email][events][posts]

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