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UF Argentine Tango Class with Trista and Alper

UF Argentine Tango Club

Florida North Central: Gainesville, Ocala - United States

Tango Argentine - Dance

Ongoing Wednesdays to 1/10/24 past

UF Argentine Tango Class with Trista and Alper



UF Argentine Tango Class with Trista and Alper

Ongoing Wednesdays, 5:30-7:30 pm. UF J Wayne Reitz Union, Dance Studio B, 655 Reitz Union Drive, Gainesville, 32611. Free. UF Argentine Tango Club - [facebook][email][events]

Feel like a new, fun and challenging hobby? Give Argentine Tango a try. Confirm dates as there is no dancing during breaks.

We will do individual exercises and partner activities to understand this improvisational dance! We will explore various concepts of connection (to oneself, to the music, to the dance partner, to the dance floor, to other social dancers).

Parking is available on campus after 5 pm.

What to wear? If you own a pair of salsa shoes, jazz/ballet flats, or Toms, those work great. If not, bring a thick pair of socks to dance in. Partner Dance? You are welcome to join with or without a partner. Those who come alone will be paired up.

Everyone is expected to be respectful of others. UF Student Conduct Code applies (please review the UF Orange Book).
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