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West Coast Swing Dance in Ocala

Ocala West Coast Swing

Florida North Central: Gainesville, Ocala - United States

Swing: Lindy, West Coast - Dance

Fri 15 Sep 2023


September 2023

Friday 15 September 2023

West Coast Swing Dance in Ocala

Fri 15 Sep, 7-10 pm. PM Respiratory, 3306 SW 26 Avenue, Suite 402, Ocala, 34471. Carol Smith, 352-361-9202. $10. Ocala West Coast Swing - [facebook][events]

7:00 Class
7:50 Dancing

Upgrade your connection followed by Lead/Follow groove together. If you miss the first part of class, you will miss what you need for the 2nd half of class.

Instructor: Bruce Baker Gombrelli, GSDTA certified instructor and judge.

This is a West Coast Swing Dance, but we can play a few requests so just ask.
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