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December 2023

Saturday 9 December 2023

Holiday West Coast Swing Dance Party with Chad

Sat 9 Dec, 7:30-10 pm. Rena's Ballroom, 720 NW 23 Avenue, Gainesville. Chad Young. Chad Big Daddy Young Swing Time - [facebook][email][events]

Hey dance friends, Parris Dance is taking a weekend off in December, so I am throwing another holiday themed West Coast Swing Dance for everyone to enjoy.

What: Holiday (mostly) West Coast Swing Dance
How much: $15 cash only, please

Music will be about 80% WCS, about 10% other Swing, and the rest a mix of Country Two Step, Waltz, Nightclub Two Step, and whatever I feel like playing.

If you please:
- This is a non-smoking venue
- No alcoholic beverages, please
- Have fun, be kind, and have a great time
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