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July 2024

Saturday 20 July 2024

Salsa Mundial Monthly Social with DJ Phat Tony

Sat 20 Jul, 8 pm-1 am. Salsa Mundial Dance Studio, 3501 SW 2nd Ave, Suite G, Gainesville. 352-433-4334. Salsa Mundial - [salsamundial][facebook][email][events]

8 pm Pre-social Salsa footwork and shine workshop, all levels, by Kery and Dario
9 pm Social
11 pm Salsa Mundial Salsa Team debut performance.

Price: $15 before 9:30 pm, $20 workshop included

Join us for another awesome night of dancing at Salsa Mundial with DJ Phat Tony.

The theme of this social is "Represent your country"

There will be a workshop (TBA) by Kery and Dario before the social. Also, they will have a boot camp in the afternoon. More details to come.

We will be farewelling Salil and Aklant! They will be moving North from Gainesville. Please come and dance with them.

Come early and save $.
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