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In the Beginning Salsa Class you learn the basics of salsa dancing. This is not any particular style of salsa dancing. This is an introduction to the basics of salsa dancing in general. From this class, you could specialize in any type of salsa dancing, if you wanted to go more in depth, or you can use what you have learned to dance salsa when you have the chance.

This is a progressive class starting at the beginning, getting you comfortable dancing with a partner. Each of the first five weeks introduces a new concept, with the last week practice and review. You can still take this class even if you are going to miss some weeks, because we review everything that you learn previously each week. There is a lot of repetition and practice time, so you get to experience dancing.


The Beginning Salsa Class is designed for new dancers, that is people who have never danced before. This class goes at the pace of the new dancers.

This class is also suitable for people who have already taken this class as well as those with some experience that want a refresher on their salsa basics and for anyone that wants to join us for some fun. Music is played the entire class time and the hour is filled with dancing. If you have some experience, you can dance whatever you know.

*Class Objective*

You learn the basics of how to dance with a partner that you can apply to any type of dancing through the www.harmonydancing.com|Harmony.


- Basic Salsa Rhythm and Movement
- Break Steps - Forward, Back, Side, Cross Over and Cross Back
- Traveling Steps - Side to Side, Forward and Back, Pivot
- Turns in Place
- Open and Closed Position
- Passes
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